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Mobile Key

All our locks come with the BLE board fitted as standard so all you need to do is activated the Mobile Key option.

Easy to use for the guest

Guests or residents simply need to install the easy-to-use Opendoor Mobile Keys app on their phone. The operator then sends them a securely encrypted digital key via the cloud, with the access credentials they need. Once in the vicinity of the door, the phone can be used to activate the lock using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.

Easy to use for your staff

A Mobile Key is generated from within the Opendoor integrated software platform, same software used to cut key card. Can be sent upon arrival or in advance.

Cloud based

The guest receives an email alerting them of the Mobile Key. Accompanied by instructions of how to download the relevant app & register their device. (iOS & Android compatible)

Encrypted and securely

The smartphone can now be used to unlock the door. The embedded bluetooth chip within the door lock communicates securely with the smartphone.

Mobile Keys: Features

A great option for unmanned receptions

Typical Applications

Guests can use mobile key to open the main door to the hotel and their bedroom as well as lifts, gyms etc.

Mobile Keys: Text
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