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Our Product Range

Solutions for every hotel

Keystep's range of contactless electronic locks and access control is the perfect fit for any hotel, hospitality venue or leisure facility refurbishment or new build project. From smartphone-enabled electronic bedroom locks for hotels, to lift and elevator controllers and public door access control, our electronic lock products for hotels meet the demands of today’s tech-savvy guest.


RFID Electronic Locks

Electronic door locks perform a simple function: to efficiently and securely grant or restrict access to a certain area within a hotel.
The way they do this varies, but Opeddoor's contactless electronic door locks allow you to replace traditional mechanical keys or magnetic ‘swipe’ card locks easily and cost effectively.


Mobile Keys

Guests or residents simply need to install the easy-to-use Opendoor Mobile Keys app on their phone. The operator then sends them a securely encrypted digital key via the cloud, with the access credentials they need. Once in the vicinity of the door, the phone can be used to activate the lock using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.


Access Control Software

Accommodation Locking Management Software or ALMS. Designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind, the door locking software is installed either on property or in the cloud.

Our access management software comes complete with an RFID encoder, enabling read and write access data to keycards, fobs or wristbands. Unlike many rival lock management systems, the same piece of software also allows you to issue mobile keys.

Full training and support for the software will be provided by one of our highly skilled team.


Access Control Wall Readers

Our access control wall readers offer the perfect solution for public doors with medium to high levels of traffic, such as main entrances and reception areas.

Access control readers are perfect for managing a range of solutions including conventional and automatic doors, lift controllers, car park barriers, pedestrian gates and automated parcel lockers.

Contact us today to hear more about our tailor-made services.

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